Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: A Journey Through Doctor Who


Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: Human Nature/The Family of Blood

This week, the Wanderers join the Doctor and Martha in England in 1913!  The Doctor is hiding from alien pursuers, working as a schoolteacher in a boys' school with Martha posing as his maid.  Even his biology and memories have been rewritten in service of the ruse, but somehow it's not enough -- what will the now-human John Smith do when killer aliens come a-calling?

QotW: If you were the Doctor and needed to unleash your fury to punish a villain without killing them, what would the punishment be?

So Here's the Thing.../Listener Mailbag/Who News

Discussion of "Human Nature/The Family of Blood" (Charlie 9, Trevor 9.75, David 8.5, Connor 9.5)

Big Finish Audio Adventure: The Highest Science (Charlie 5.5, Trevor 5.75, David 7.25)


Join us next week for our review of Doctor Who story #186, Blink! Our audio adventure will be Theatre of War, available from BigFinish.com.

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