Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: A Journey Through Doctor Who

Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: Doctor Who and the Silurians

This week we cover story #52, Doctor Who and the Silurians!  A nuclear research facility discovers the cause of their recent anomalies: they have awoken an ancient race of reptilian humanoids who have been hibernating beneath the Earth's surface for hundreds of millions of years.  Can the Doctor make peace before the two species destroy each other?

Question of the Week/Listener Mailbag

Discussion of "Spearhead from Space" (Charlie 8, David 8.25, Trevor 7)

Connor's Corner


Join us next week for our review of Doctor Who story #53, The Ambassadors of Death!  You can stream the serial from Hulu Plus, rent the DVD from Netflix, or buy the DVD from Amazon.com, the BBC Doctor Who shop, or many other fine retailers. 

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