Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: A Journey Through Doctor Who

Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

This week we cover story #151, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy!  The Doctor and Ace receive an ad for the Psychic Circus and decide to check it out, but soon find themselves drawn into the circus's web of intrigue when they learn that circus fans and performers alike have been disappearing.  Who is behind the mystery of the Psychic Circus?

QotW: If you could populate a circus with aliens from #DoctorWho, what aliens would be performing what acts?

So Here are the Things.../Listener Mailbag

Discussion of "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy" (David 7.5, Trevor 6, Charlie 6.5)

Big Finish Audio Adventure: THE LIVES OF CAPTAIN JACK - One Enchanted Evening (David 6.5, Trevor 6, Charlie 6)


Join us next week for our review of Doctor Who story #152, Battlefield! This one is out of print in region 1 and hard to find for a reasonable price, but you can stream the serial from BritBox or rent the DVD from Netflix. For our audio adventure, we’ll be concluding The Lives of Captain Jack boxed set with the fourth adventure, Month 25. The boxed set is available from BigFinish.com.

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